Choosing wine for a Christmas gift


Christmas has the taste of wine. And if you do not know what to give, I’m sure your friend or partner would appreciate a good bottle of wine. Do you know of a better Christmas gift? Here are cool tips for buying wine for Christmas this year. Take notes!

The Newest: It is better to offer a wine that meets the expectations and preferences of our friend, but it is also important to help them discover new products. Recent vintages wines reference are always a hit, especially for young wines with amazing flavors.

Think about the region: Wine regions determine, in most cases, our choice of wine. In addition, each area of each wine has characteristics that make them unique. Can you distinguish the taste of Rioja and Ribera del Duero wine?

Be original: you should forget the traditional wines. Be always ready to surprise your guests. In order to do this, think about an unknown organic wine, a South African wine or from other countries…

Adapt you choice according to his/her tastes: There is always a different wine for each person. If our friend likes powerful flavors, we will choose a bright red, while if he prefers desserts, Muscatel or other sweet wine are a better idea.

Personalized wine: It is possible to offer a wine that has a personalized label with the name or photograph of the person to whom you offer your gift.

By AOC/DO: Appellations of origin mark, somehow, the quality of a wine. We can always choose the wine we offer by name, especially if the person comes from this region or country.

Today we recommend two wines to offer as a Christmas gift:

 TAGS:Monte Real Reserva 2007Monte Real Reserva 2007

Monte Real Reserva 2007



 TAGS:Berardo Family Book Box Book Art Deco Magnum 2005Berardo Family Book Box Book Art Deco Magnum 2005

Berardo Family Book Box Book Art Deco Magnum 2005

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