China, wine tasters with world power


Last October, the fourth edition of the annual “blind tasting” championship was organized by the French magazine La Revue du vin de France. This year’s surprise was China, whose team of wine tasters beat the representatives of the other 20 countries participating in this international award competition.

With a total of 108 points, the delegation of the Asian giant was crowned ahead of countries with a broad wine tradition like France (2nd with 102 points), United States (3rd with 100 points), Spain (10th with 76 points), Argentina (17th with 49 points) or Italy (18th with 48 points). In order to obtain these points, the participants of this blind tasting had to identify the country of origin, the grape varieties, denomination of origin and year of harvest of six red wines and six white wines from different regions of the world.

China’s victory was described as “a bomb” within the world of wine, especially for those European countries with a strong wine industry such as France, Spain and Italy. Brice Leboucq, the coach of the Chinese team attributed this victory to the high competition, giving access only to professionals of the highest level.

This is not the first time that the Asian country surprises to overcome to the world powers of the wine. In 2011, the Jia Bei Lan 2009 wine produced by Helan Qing Xue received the Bordeaux Red International Variety Trophy at the Decanter World Wine Awards. All this is a reflection of the growth and strengthening of the wine industry in China. In fact, at the moment it has the second largest surface occupied world-wide by vineyards (more than 800,000 hectares); Surpassed only by Spain.

There is no doubt that the wine industry of this Asian country is on the right track to become a world wine power; This is supported by these important international awards. However, China still faces a major challenge: getting rid of the image of being a manufacturer of massive and cheap products, something that will be very difficult within the circle of wine lovers.

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