Calsberg: Premier League official beer

 TAGS:England surprised us all this year as for the first time ever, the official beer of the Premier League will be Carlsberg, a Danish beer. This fact disturbs us because what happened to the London Pride? And what about Bombardier? Who does not remember the Hobgoblin beer while watching a football game?

I must admit that I am a declared fan of Carlsberg, which tastes even better if you happen to have the chance to drink it on a terrace in Nyhavn or among friends and listening to Kim Larsen in the background, so this decision seems like a great idea to me. It will for sure bring a different perspective to the British evenings. Good idea, staring with a Young’s, following with a Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout and ending with a Carlsberg.

However, I suspect that this maneuver is pure marketing, of course, after the successful sponsorship of the UEFA EURO 2012 which Carlsberg beer starred. Probably, it was an unprecedented advertising campaign for the Group, thus linking his path to football. From that combination, that has made us forget the “think green” Heineken or “Ambar, the beer that makes you feel good,” there can be no self-respecting soccer event without Carlsberg.

Those who are beginning to enter the Calsberg universe should take note of some of the other beers that can be found sharing business group. Jacobsen, a classy beer or Vintage No. 2, which is also very special and one of the world’s most expensive beer, are some of them.

However, I love Tuborg, Carlsberg’s little sister and my favorite. Perfect for every day, perfect for the holidays and also at Christmas and Easter launches special editions in which the bottles and cans are covered with snowflakes or yellow chicks, respectively. Fantastic, exotic and almost psychotropic (of course, depending on how many you drank).

This year’s Premier League will dress in green (the color of the bottles and cans of Carlsberg). And while Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester football players give it all on the field (which is also green … unless it rains) the audience and the bench may be feeling the Viking power coming in waves to the land, again after many centuries, but in a much more fun way.

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