Burgundy wines

by Marta Burgués

French wines have a long tradition in the cultivation of vines, which dates back to the second century of our era and has been developed during the Roman Empire. No doubt that they are a fundamental part of French cuisine, their brands have achieved global recognition and their quality is trademarked.

Indeed, one of the famous regions by its tradition is Burgundy, a wine region in eastern France, in an area that covers over 250 kilometers from north Chablis to south Mâconnais. Its wines, along with those from Bordeaux and champagne are among the most prestigious in the world.

The wines produced in Burgundy are red, made from pinot noir and gamay grapes, and white, which are elaborated from chardonnay and aligoté grapes. They also produce small amounts of rosé and sparkling wine. The whole production is concentrated in an area of 25,800 hectares which produce about 1,500,000 hectoliters of Burgundy wines. This area, called “Burgundian Vineyard” comprises four production zones, from north to south: Yonne, Côte d’Or, Côte Chalonnaise and Mâconnais.

One thing to consider is that the Côte d’Or wines are the most famous and expensive in all Burgundy, as the “Grand Cru“, the “Premier Cru” or the “Village“. And further south is the Beaujolais region, famous for its fruity red wines made from gamay grape.

As for white grapes, the most common is the chardonnay, producing Chablis, Mâcon and Cote d’Or wines, all of them made of 100% chardonnay grapes, quite vigorous and aromatic in its youth, but that improve with a 2-4 years aging.

And on red grapes, for example, the production of Cote d’Or focuses on pinot noir grape, while gamay grape is produced in Beaujolais. Another point for wine lovers is that pinot noir is the main grape of Burgundy, cultivated by the Gauls before the Roman conquest.

As you can see the quality and excellence is a priority in Burgundy, as well as in its wines and wine tradition, one of the most important worldwide. So, just enjoy its wines and taste its history and quality.

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