El Bulli will auction its cellar

by Marta Burgués

 - Everything Ferran Adrià touches, named best chef in the world several times, seems to have success. For some time he closed the doors of the iconic restaurant El Bulli to pursue other projects, as elBulliFoundation, a culinary research center that could open in 2014, or Bullipedia, which in 2015 will be a haute cuisine digital platform.

One of the latest news coming from Adrià is the auction of the El Bulli’s cellar on April 3, 2013 in Hong Kong and on April 26 in New York, the two at Sotheby’s auction house.

This is a precious good that many would like to have. Overall 8,807 bottles will be auctioned, which accumulated Ferran Adrià and his partner Juli Soler during the 27 years they headed the restaurant located in Roses. Some of these bottles are signed by the two partners and labeled exclusively for the restaurant.

The auction, well, the two auctions that will be performed, are aimed to raise money for the foundation elBulliFoundation. Adrià himself commented in several media that he does not yet know the extent this auction can have or how much will be raised, although elsewhere is stated that it could gather up to 1.25 million euros.

The cellar of El Bulli is high valued, possessing, for example, 2,000 Spanish wines valued between 150,000 and 230,000 euros. It is clear that many wine lovers are already waiting for April to get one of the bottles stamped El Bulli. It would look good on your private cellar, right?

We’ll have to wait until April to find out which is the amount paid and who’s the lucky one that will own wines what everyone would want. How much are you willing to pay to have this exclusivity?

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