Build your own wine cellar at home

by Marta Burgués

If you are a wine lover, surely you’ll like to have a small wine assortment from different vintages or provenances in your house, so you always have the possibility to choose one or the other depending on the company, the moment or your mood.

Thus, you may have also raised the possibility of expanding your small home cellar and transform it into something more “professional”, so to speak. Here are some tips to build a space in your home to keep your precious wines with full guarantees.

The location
It is ideal, in any case, to have an appropriate space to mount your cellar. Traditionally this type of rooms are usually located underground, being naturally isolated areas that keep more stable temperatures than other places exposed to solar radiation or cold ambient. The humidity is also important here, so if you can, find a basement or cave (natural or artificial) with these features.

The furniture
It is important to have appropriate wine storing shelves, and take good care of where you place each bottle, as some of them will benefit of certain conditions of temperature and humidity, and others will need different conditions.

Specific equipment
Clearly there best and worst places to store wine, mainly because of the climate and the construction of the cellar itself. If you live in a place where there are large variations in temperature and/or humidity that may hamper the preservation of wine, even if you have the possibility to use an underground room, you may need to insulate the place beyond what is usual, using special wall coverings, door and window sealing, and even refrigeration and humidity control specialized for wine cellars.

In fact, with one or more air-conditioned wine cabinets, you can place your cellar on common places of your home, even in a corner of a small apartment, as long as they allow to maintain precise control of the preservation conditions of the wine.

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