Bourbon production is growing more than ever

by Marta Burgués

The president of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association has stated that Bourbon boom has reached a new peak after the end of prohibition.

Kentucky distilleries produce 95% of bourbon and filled 1.2 million whiskey barrels compared with last year. These figures are the highest achieved in 40 years and were announced in a statement from the association.

Eric Gregory, president of the association said: ?We are in the greatest time of expansion since the end of Prohibition?.

Bourbon is distilled from corn, it’s delicious thanks to its caramel flavor, and many of us find it attractive because of its golden color, since as a rule it must be stored for 5 years in oak barrels. The increased production to meet demand is an action that must be taken by Kentucky producers immediately. In fact, Diageo, owner of Bulleit Distillers, has announced it will spend $ 115 million to create a new larger distillery.

According to Gregory, the group members have spent $ 500 million (which translates to 386 million Euro) to add more bottling lines, warehouses and jobs in the last years to meet growing demand.

The Association expects the number of Kentucky bourbon makers to continue rising until growing up to 40 operational and licensed distillers.

Illinois is the place that has come to produce greater amounts of bourbon and it would be interesting to know in a short time the production figures for areas to better understand this boom in demand and sales.

This increase in sales and demand result in profits and new challenges for bourbon distillers, and shows us the rise of this wonderful distillate, which becomes fashionable to delight palates worldwide.

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