Bordeaux harvest first results: 2012 vintage expected even better than 2011

by Marta

Time heals everything but when it comes to wine, because in this case the time can do nothing to remedy something that is not good. In many places weather and time have made most of the crops get spoiled. However, it seems that not all have been disasters everywhere this year and Bordeaux area may hold surprises during harvest.

While it is true that the 2012?s rainy spring made us expect the worst, a situation that did not improve at all during the summer (with June and July much wetter than it was wished), the French winegrowers have great expectations given the first results.

The white grapes that have been collected in most Médoc area have the desired characteristics shown indications that, although the vintage conclude with lower volumes than it should, at least the product quality has not been weakened at all. Natural selection: the best strains have given it all and those others which were not as resistant have not been able to provide the maturity expected from their grapes.

As for the red, almost ten days ago younger Merlot vines started to be harvested and a little while after the process started also with the remaining grapes. Producers want to believe that this year?s production will exceed that of last year quality related but they have their sights set on getting even ahead of the two previous years, which gave us excellent wines.

We mortals have to wait a little longer for the verdict and to give our own. Meanwhile we can start accumulating reasons to review it properly by testing some other vintages of wines from this land, where there is plenty to choose from.

Those who can afford it should treat themselves by buying a Chateau Margaux 2005 or Château Léovile Poyferré 2006. 1997 is another of those vintages worthy of collection. For that matter, better one of each just in order to compare, right? 2005 and 2007 vintages allow more prudent wallets to enjoy the Bordeaux experience in its full splendor and without many regrets.

Although before buying, it is always advisable to read opinions and reviews from other consumers, as regarding French wines vintages have an important role but not as critical as the choice of Château, that is why it?s always good to inform yourself before deciding.

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