Best syrups for the best cocktails

by Marta

For me it is impossible to talk about the best cocktails and not to mention the syrup, but not anyone in general but Monin syrups in particular, because they work the essence of flavor like no other and, moreover, this year they celebrate one hundred years enriching and improving all cocktails that have them in their recipes.

After my best friend came back from his revealing trip to Brazil Kahlúa was always present in our celebrations. Kahlúa and rum, to prepare the delicious Kalhúa Mambo, with tequila, for Kahlua Rita or vodka, for that provocative Kahlua Black Russian. However, when we were already fully immersed in the exciting world of amateur mixology, we decided to change drink as the kahlua did not respond too well to mix with syrups.

Our next bet was rum. With it we rode along the whole ethyl ? rainbow drinking from a tasty Pretty Guava (rum, orange juice and grenadine syrup) to a Watermelon Martini (rum, strawberry juice and cranberry syrup and watermelon), not forgetting of course the blue Cuban Passion (dark rum, pineapple and banana juice, passion fruit syrup and blue curacao syrup).

At this point it was impossible not to keep on experimenting on it. So we had no choice but to buy gin, whiskey and select buy a large assortment of syrups that would inspire us to improve our technique. For those who want to do this experiment at home, I only have a couple of warnings: better in company than solos and please do not try it all on the same day, even pleasure must be dosed.

If someone wants to start their wanderings with Monin syrups and whisky for a personal cocktail, I would recommend a couple of the existing ones: God Sister or Creamy Blend. The first one is prepared in a simple way. You just have to take your favorite Scotch (you can also use Canadian whiskey) and Monin Amaretto syrup. For the second you would do the same, substituting amaretto syrup for a chocolate one and adding a generous bit of vanilla ice cream.

And for Gin lovers I would recommend the Grape Gin Martini (there can be nothing more chic than this drink), which combines gin, grape juice and cinnamon syrup. Delicious!

Finally, I will have to admit that there is no human way of drawing a conclusion to this experiment, among other reasons, because Monin keeps proposing new syrups and I want to try them all! My next purchase will be two of them: Almond syrup and Roses syrup, do you want to join me?

 TAGS:Monin Roses SyrupMonin Roses Syrup

Monin Roses Syrup, smooth and elegant

 TAGS:Monin Almond SyrupMonin Almond Syrup

Monin Almond Syrup, slighty bitter

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