Best Summer Drinks (I)

by Antonio Moschella

Step by step, the fresh and humid temperatures made space for a warmer weather, opening doors for the summer. After-works take place outside to enjoy a drink once the children are sleeping and barbeques are organised at home on weekends to share moments with friends and family.

I am a wine lover, and in summer I also like to enjoy a drink. However, we do not all have the same tastes. There are so many possibilities in summer to enjoy … and without getting bored from only one drink.

Personally, I think that every moment needs a specific drink. It is true that as soon as the heat arrives you will not want a strong red wine with a lot of ageing or a white wine fermented in a barrel or certain distillates.

Well, what are the possibilities we are offered? There are so many that I do not know where to start.

We could start with the appetisers such as vermouths, that are very trendy today: we can find high-quality ones, not only referring to Martini and Co … Certain vermouths are handcrafted, made with ecological ingredients and convey emotion. There are 2 large groups of Vermouth: the red of Italian origin is quite sweet and the white, drier, of French origin, composed of more than 40 botanical extracts, and with greater alcoholic content. The vermouth is a liqueur flavoured with herbs, formed from a neutral wine of good quality, a touch of absinthe and botanical extracts (roots, plants, flowers and spices). The right mix of botanists is the key to the aromatization of good vermouth. The vermouth is, of course, a unique drink due to its wide range of nuances, flavours and aromas.

For soft, spicy and pleasant tastes, they can be enjoyed alone or with ice, or with a slice of lemon, orange or with sparkling water. Of course, vermouths are ideal as appetisers but they do not usually accompany an entire meal.

A variant of the vermouth that is served with a syphon, is the Spritz. Pretty sweet served very fresh and with gas, is a danger cause it’s really easy to drink … For my part, I prefer something more retro, like the famous Pimm’s.

The Pastis. Very French, very Marcel Pagnol with his Provencal accent. Pastis is a distilled beverage based on a maceration of ethyl alcohol with various herbs and flowers, but the most powerful flavours are anise and liquorice. This drink, the authentic one, the Pastis de Marseille whose alcohol content is around 40-45%, with anise flavour, is mixed with cold water and served with ice. Very pleasant in summer, its taste of anise is refreshing and ideal as much as the vermouths to the appetiser. It’s a traditional drink that is not out of fashion. The way to consume it is updated and modernised to the tastes of generations. The traditional way of serving it is one ratio of Pastis to five cold water. It is not uncommon to find several generations of people on the terrace of a bar in France consuming a pastis with olives at the time of the aperitif, in the shade of a parasol. You breathe an air of vacations!

Here you find some suggestions for a proper and fresh summer drink:

 TAGS:Ricard 1LRicard 1L

Ricard 1L, fresh and long lasting anise flavour

 TAGS:Martini Rosso 1LMartini Rosso 1L

Martini Rosso 1L, a typical italian vermouth

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