Beers with something extra

by Marta

We like beer. We like its color, we enjoy its froth, we love its refreshing power on a hot day, but why not going for a change? Variety will spice up our day and so today I want to propose my new discoveries: beers with something else, do you want to know what this is about?

Beer and tequila

After a few months living in Mexico I added tequila to my favorite drinks. Now from the distance I have discovered some European alternatives to this drink that are already combined with beer. The perfect mix.

From Germany comes Salitos Tequila, a 5.9% alcohol beer which incorporates Jalisco tequila and salt in a ratio of 40%. Its pale color and aroma make it perfect for Caribbean summer evenings with a hot plan. It has a very affordable price and can be purchased for ? 1.12 or so.

But it is not the only one in its category, as France also produces its version of the drink under the name of Desperados (who does not remember Antonio Banderas in the famous movie!).

As if coming from Hollywood this beer is continuously promoting, especially when summer comes. I am sure that many of you have had the chance to try it for free on any terrace invited by a couple of Mexicans with his hat and all, or a couple of policemen. Desperados likes attention and its advertising campaigns do not leave anyone indifferent, though its taste is not as extreme, but it has a much lighter character. Have you already tasted it? For ? 1.24 you can make it yours. Andale!

Beer with raspberry

Belgium, a world famous beer country, brings us this aromatic beer with magnetic color and discrete bubbles. Mort Subite Framboise has 4.5% alcohol and a sweet taste, but not from the beginning. In palate it is transformed from a bitter tone to a crystallized perception at the end. You can buy beer Mort Subite Frambois by 1.75 ? more or less.

Cherry Beer

The same producer makes Mort Subite Kriek beer, the cherry version of the beer before. Here the fruit flavor is more intense than in the previous one, so it’s a very good option for those who start in beer consumption. In some ways it reminds me of Belle Vue Kriek, although the price has nothing to do. You can take this one to your house for about 2 ?.

Do you like classic or modern beers? We suggest you a couple of the best ones:


Heineken, best from Holland


Desperados, “the mexican”

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