Beers for dogs

by Alberto Martínez

Cerveza para perros

Beer in the summer is one of the most relaxing ways to freshen up but what about your dog? Doesn’t he have the right to have a drink?

This is what they must have have thought in Brussels, the unofficial capital of beer of Belgium, where there has been inaugurated the first “bar for Dogs”, which offers specially designed menus and beer for man’s best friend.

“Go for a pint” with your dog

The menus, are specially designed by – canines nutritionists, low in salt with a high percentage of protein, and as for the beer, these are special non-alcoholic beers, which have been macerating a bone (Marrow included).

The bar, called “Toutou Bar”, opened with an event dedicated to pets, including a free tasting and a carnival parade of dogs, from the high Belgian society.

Bernard Schol, bar manager, says the idea came when they observed that “many people walking their dogs stop for a drink, but there is nothing there for their pets.”

The other curiosity of the initiative is that owners and dogs can share the same dish if desired, because the menus have been designed to be fit for human consumption also: pasta, vegetables, wild rice and beef or chicken burgers are part of the menu.

The idea also offers take-away menus in the style of the famous hamburger companies, with a toy for dogs in the pack, as well as special promotions to celebrate birthdays and holidays for your pets.

What beer would you like to have in a canine version? Shall we recommend you some?

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