Beer drinkers go to heaven

by Marta Burgués

Bill Miller, priest and author of the new book ?The Beer Drinker’s Guide to God? says that if Jesus were alive today, he would drink beer and wine.

Miller is an Episcopal priest, writer and owner of a bar, lives in Hawaii and says his two favorite things are cider and God, and in his book tells how both can live in harmony.

In an interview with FoxNews, Miller said that if Jesus were alive today, is pretty sure that he would turn water into beer instead of wine, if he didn’t live in Palestine.

Criticisms came soon from several religious leaders, but Miller defended himself by saying that Jesus drank in moderation and that’s a philosophy he consider valid today.

?There are all kinds of good things God has entrusted to us than we can abuse or give misuse to and become addicted. I think it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bath water, and not throw the beer with the baptism water?.

When Miller is not preaching in the congregation, you can find him serving drinks at the bar he owns in Texas. Here is where he got the inspiration for his book, in which he states that through the beer the ?true nature of God can be revealed?.

Other statements that he gave to FoxNews were: ?I think Jesus probably chose to drink the local drink. If Jesus were in Texas, he probably drink Lone Star. If he was in Hawaii, he could drink Primo. If he were in Scotland, I would not be surprised at all if Jesus drank whiskey. In Ireland, Guinness or Smithwick?.

Not only Miller has sought to unify religion and alcohol, there is a program of lectures sponsored by a number of Catholic dioceses called Theology on tap: at these conferences one can see the ministers of the church drink in bars, pubs and restaurants. Miller said that in these places he can provide better pastoral care to all those who never would tread a church.

What is clear is that for beer lovers, beer itself, its processing, preservation and serving are almost a religion so… are we going to celebrate? Today we recommend:

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