Beauty treatments based on wine


Day by day, increasing benefits of the wine resveratrol are found, and in the world of beauty, its contribution is not less, since different brands of skin care have begun to use its antioxidant qualities.

Resveratrol is the antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes, and is now part of the ingredients in many beauty products, promising to delay aging of the skin, giving it greater firmness and elasticity.

Among the most striking beauty treatments we can find the Malbec DNA, that entered the skin care industry through grape-based products in 1995, and now spas offer wine therapies in tubs for about $ 2,000.

Others who have not been left behind about skincare using the benefits of resveratrol are Arcona, located in Los Angeles, with moisturizing wine masks, and the Greek brand Apivita, with its anti-wrinkle cream.

?Resveratrol has proven to be very powerful, and people -as it comes from wine- reacts with interest?, said cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Frank from New York to the Financial Times.
Furthermore, the brand 100% PureBeauty offers products based on resveratrol, such as masks, eye creams, serums and lip glosses, and have increased their sales by over 1,000% in the last three years.

A world of possibilities has opened up for entrepreneurs in the world of beauty and with this, a range of options to pamper the skin of men and women around the world thanks to the wine.

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