Avaline, the Catalan Organic Wine by Cameron Díaz

by Cèlia Rodríguez

The Californian actress Cameron Díaz has just launched her new professional project. She is collaborating with her friend Katherine Power, CEO of the fashion company Who What Wear. In July Díaz announced that she was entering the world of wine with her creation “Avaline“. It is a wine brand with a vision that emphasises the transparency of the production. Moreover, the cultivation of the wine is certified organic.

The Avaline brand has recently introduced a Spanish white wine based on Xarello, Macabeo and Malvasía. It has also presented a French rosé based on Garnacha and Cinsault. Avaline gives a clear promise: its wines are different. In other words, the wines are “clean“, delicious, natural, vegan, made with organic grapes, and free from unnecessary additives.

To accomplish this, they have found the perfect and organically grown grape varieties in the Penedés area of Catalonia, Spain. According to the official Avaline website, the wines are certified organic. The Competent Body of Catalonia (Spain) and  Bureau Veritas Certification (France) have granted their certifications. This means the consumer can be sure Avaline does not grow the grapes with harsh synthetic pesticides.

Natural Sulfites and Ingredients of Natural Origin

An important ingredient in wine is sulfites. Wine grapes naturally contain sulfur, but in most cases, the winemaker adds extra sulfur dioxide during production. They do this to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria. However, many try to control the addition of sulfur as the wine can lose its nuances. Avaline claims that it keeps the sulfur levels low. Other ingredients in Avaline wines include bentonite clay, pea protein, and cream of tartar. Avaline uses all of these ingredients to improve the appearance of the wine. The ingredients ensure the wine does not have chunks of sediment floating around in it, and they clarify it.

Clay and pea protein are clarifying agents. Certain particles will attach to them, and when the winemaker removes the clarifying agents they also remove those particles. The company uses these particular clarifying agents because they are vegan, and they comply with its ethics. The usual alternative would be to use clarifying agents of animal origin such as egg white or gelatine.

The Catalan Avaline wine is an organic product. They produce the wine without the use of pesticides or additional chemicals in the cultivation of the strains. The production includes the use of native yeasts but no other types of concentrates or artificial ingredients. Avaline can therefore be marketed as a 100 % natural wine.

Healthy Life

Avaline is the most recent business adventure that actress Cameron Díaz has embarked upon. She has already accomplished fame within the world of wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Back in October, she entered the acupuncture business with Modern Acupuncture, whose mission is to make acupuncture an “accessible” therapy. She also wrote The Body Book and The Longevity Book which were published in 2013 and 2016.

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