Authentic Galician taste: DO Monterrei

by Marta Burgués

Spanish wines offer a great variety and richness in each of the areas where they are produced. Therefore, our review of the Spanish DO gives us an interesting inside of their types, varieties and essential characteristics.

Galician wines are of exceptional quality. Monterrei wine in the province of Orense and near Portugal, is elaborated thanks to a temperate weather with hot summers and relatively cold winters.

This combination makes wines obtained with distinction, both fresh white wines and ripe red wines are recognized quickly by the unmistakable flavor of the vintages of long Galician tradition.

Among the white varieties, highlight godello, treixadura and albariño, and among reds, mencia, arauxa and caiño tinto.

How are the wines?

With personality. So these wines are defined, ideal with varied meals where seafood and fish is perfect for the white Monterrei, which has an alcohol content of 11%. They are transparent, fine golden colored and fresh, fruity and soft flowers taste.

On the other hand, the red Monterrei offers a unique body and texture, ruby and burgundy colored. The taste of ripe fruit mixed with spices is unmistakable. They are recommended for quality meats such as Galician veal and poultry.

Both white and red can be categorized as Barrel, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva, providing superior quality to its varieties.

Its regulatory board, cellars and entrepreneurs are making efforts to export this wine to other countries and they are succeeding. They also participate in fairs and industry events in different places. Although this is one of the smallest denominations of Galicia, it is noteworthy that 20% of its total production is sold abroad. A good step for young wines which we will hear about.

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