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 TAGS:The beginnings of the production of wine in Australia started in Barossa Valley, near Adelaide in the south. European wines suffered greatly during the long journey by boat, so the local production became imperative. In the absence of native vines in Australia, the upper classes of English settlers began making their own wines from imported grapes in the early nineteenth century.

From there, the growing areas spread for much of the southwest of the continent, where with the passage of time, a rich and enterprising industry was developed, which thanks to the official support and an impressive marketing strategy has positioned itself rapidly in recent years, with market penetration in over 100 countries and earning fame and prestige worldwide.

Tradition, innovative technology and new ideas are factors that define the Australian wine industry. A country that has only 4% of world wine production and still is the fourth largest global exporter, surpassed only by nations of great tradition such as Italy, France and Spain.

The variety of grapes growing in the over 170.000 hectares of Australian vineyards is extensive, and among the most popular we have:

For the elaboration of red wines are grown mainly this grapes:

As for the elaboration of white wines are grown mainly:

Particularly the production of shiraz is recognized worldwide. A solid wine with lots of character and high acidity, Shiraz is an ideal accompaniment to game meat or strong taste cheese. This grape has become emblematic of Australian wine.

No doubt, a good taste of Australian wine is a pleasure recommended if you have the option, so, do you want to try an Australian wine with us? We recommend a couple of the best by its value for money:

 TAGS:Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2008Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2008

Penfolds is one of the most renowned wineries in Australia, especially for its sweet and shiraz wines.

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 TAGS:D'Arenberg The Sticks And Stones Tempranillo / Grenache 2005D’Arenberg The Sticks And Stones Tempranillo / Grenache 2005

D’Arenberg, one of the 100 most important wineries last year, according to Wine&Spirits.

 TAGS:Buy D'Arenberg The Sticks And Stones Tempranillo / Grenache 2005 21,20?

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