Are you more like Mary Poppins or Hemingway?

by Marta Burgués

If one thing is certain in the field of alcoholic beverages, is that today all kinds of studies are performed, something that shows the interest in this world among the general public. Even the most serious and substantiated studies are echoed in the media by striking approaches, like the one recently conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia, in the US, which distinguishes between drinkers of four different personalities.

The essay, titled “Searching for Mr Hyde: A five-factor approach to characterizing ‘types of drunks’”, published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory, presents the results obtained from surveying over 300 men and women about their behaviour either when sober and when drunk.

Thus, factors such as extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, intellect and emotional stability are evaluated to classify the types of drinkers, resulting in four basic categories, namely, “Mary Poppins”, “Hemingway”, “Nutty Professor” and “Mr. Hyde”.

Interestingly, a large amount of people surveyed, up to 40% of them, fall in the “Hemingway” category, reserved for people who apparently see little decline in their intellect or conscientiousness when drinking, and consider themselves to be reliable and able to process complex ideas. In this typology, men and women divide their role.

In contrast, men predominate in the “Nutty Professor” type, which includes 20% of the participants, which are considered introverts who become extroverts when they drink.

Women are the majority when we speak about “Mary Poppins”, which frames drinkers who remain friendly, cooperative, compassionate and agreeable (15% of the total).

Finally, the “Mr. Hyde” type, with a considerable 23% of drinkers and again dominated by women, represents those who appreciate intellect, conscience and kindness lows when they drink, with a tendency to suffer blackout episodes and to be arrested because of their behaviour.

Whatever it is, we would like to recommend you drinking in moderation and choosing good wines and spirits, as the ones below.

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