Aperitif in front of the screen #stayathome

by Raúl Pérez

Spring has already arrived and nothing is more desirable than enjoying an aperitif or brunch in the midday sun. Unfortunately, we should not leave our home during this difficult time, due to the coronavirus. Is that a problem? Not at all.

We can still have an aperitif or brunch with friends in front of our mobile or computer screen and exchange news. In our previous article, you will find tips for your video call to make your online meeting perfect.

An aperitif for the quarantine

Vermouth has become increasingly popular in Europe in recent years and this traditional drink has regained its place as an aperitif drink. Vermouth is a wine flavoured and fortified with spices and herbs with a prescribed alcohol content of between 14.5 and 21.9 per cent by volume. It is best served with an olive, you will love it.

You do not know which vermouth to buy? We have some ideas for you:

Lillet Blanc 75cl is perhaps the most widely drunk aperitif in France, where it has been produced in the beautiful Bordeaux wine region since the 19th century. This drink is made with a blend of selected wines and ingredients such as oranges from Turkey or Chinese barks. It goes very well with various appetizers.

The Campari should not be overlooked as an aperitif. This spirit, particularly appreciated among bartenders, offers great flexibility for making cocktails. You can drink it alone, on ice, with ice and tonic or try the delicious Negroni cocktail and fill your whole house with glamour on Sunday.

Another aperitif that is popular in the United Kingdom is the Italian Aperol, whose taste is similar to Campari’s, but lighter with only 11% alcohol. How about an Aperol Spritz Cocktail? We love it.

Spanish sangria is a must!

Although sangria is primarily a summer drink that you prefer to drink in summer or during your holiday in South Europe, you can also enjoy this superstar from Spain in quarantine. Call your friends and try this drink together with delicious appetizers.

Since it can be a mess to make a homemade sangria, perhaps the best option is to buy Sangria Lolea Nº1 75cl, produced with Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon, online. The alternatives with white wine is Sangria Lolea Nº2 75cl and with rosé wine Sangria Lolea Nº5 Rosé 75cl. There is something for every taste!

So much for our tips on how to organise an aperitif among friends via video call. If you need more ideas to find the best drinks for aperitifs, visit our website created especially for these days.

And remember to drink in moderation and #stayathome

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