And you, what do you think of the “blue wine”?

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We will tell you about the blue wine, how it was born and the characteristics. It is called Gik Live, surprisingly by its color. Recall that 100% is made with grapes coming from different Spanish wineries. And it is presented in the characteristic glass bottles of wine, but now it can not be called wine.

The truth is that this wine, produced by a group of young Basques, has already sold more than 90,000 bottles, through its online store, in 25 countries: Germany or France to the United States or Malaysia, priced at about eight euros per bottle. Despite this, someone took the blue wine to court, asking that it be expressly forbidden to use the name wine.

And, after many inspections where the sales were stopped and the founders had to pay a big fine, the Justice dictates that the Gik can not be considered wine. It turns out that, at the legal level, there is no category within the term wine that can host a product of this color and characteristics.

The young Basques defended themselves that the Gik is 100% grape, and what they intended was to innovate in the sector. Apparently, the news was not welcomed by the purists of the sector, who defend the tradition. From now on, this blue drink must be marketed as 99% wine, 1% must.

To claim their creation, the young people have started a campaign on twitter, in which they defend their rights and so that Gik can be called blue wine again. The hashtag is #FreedomofColor.

With this campaign, in addition, they want to end the formalisms of a sector. According to them somewhat old and dated, that does not allow advance, not allowing them to promote this drink to the younger generation. Although the complaint was made anonymous, the young creators of the Gik states that everything indicates that the wine industry is behind.

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Gïk Live (blue wine)

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