An Albariño from California?

by sarahrichardier

The Albariño grape from Galicia and Portugal has exciting possibilities in California, and more specifically in the Russian River Valley. This vineyard seems to prosper in their harvest and Marimar Torres, from Bodegas Torres states that they have great expectations.

“The Californian Albariño is not as sour as the Galicia Albariño. The one that we are reaping in the Russian River is round, aromatic and mineral”. Let?s recall that the Albariño is a white grape variety used for wines with Denomination of Origin ?Rias Baixas? and Portuguese ?Vinho Verde?. The story says that the Cluny monks took this grape from the Armenteira monastery in the twelfth century. Its cultivation then spreads throughout Galicia and northern Portugal. According to Executive Order of June 13 APA/1819/2007 the grape Albariño is a variety used for a wine that is recommended to produce in Galicia and authorized in Cantabria, Castilla y León and Catalonia.

Torres experiment this aromatic variety since 2004 and now wants to make use of the global furor that has occurred around the Albariño. Besides this variety, she said that he planted Tempranillo in his vineyard in the Sonoma Coast, but was not successful in reaping because of the extremely cold weather. She then made another attempt: “I had to start from zero, placing American rootstock varieties in the organic vineyard Don Miguel, where we reach the expected success”.

Torres plans to revisit Galicia to study more in detail the grapes directly in their homelands. “The greatness of Albariño grape is its freshness?, she said, ?with notes of peach and lemon, and a mineral taste that is currently highly sought by consumers. ”

Regarding the Tempranillo, Torres already has 400 vines of this variety in the vineyard Don Miguel. She is expanding other areas outside the vineyard and plans to create its first 100% Tempranillo wine this year 2013. These last two years, he developed a mix of 50% Tempranillo and 50% Syrah. She said that “the Syrah gives both structure and body to the wine, but it?s the Tempranillo that brings the complexity”.

The original wine 100% Albariño is white, dry and light. This variety is considered to be one of the most important within the 220 that Galicia cultivates. Now we have to see, smell and taste the wine 100% Albariño Torres and compare the results with the gem of Galicia.

Do you think that Albariños can be done in California? Could it reach the greatness of the Galicia?s production? Or will it only be a commercial success? Meanwhile we recommend two great Albariños from Spain, the ?one and only?:

 TAGS:Terras Gauda 2011Terras Gauda 2011

Terras Gauda 2011, a great offer now!

 TAGS:Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011

Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011, a classical albariño

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