Alcohol taxes are helping fake distillates sales grow

by Marta

The world is full of smart people. Yes, I said the world, not just our own country. And, for once, we do not have exclusivity on scams, fraud and theft in its multiple ways… Anyway, I will not go out there, but the fact is that alcohol taxes are helping fake spirits sales grow.

This is about money. Ingredients have a price, development costs also some money and so are the costs of distribution, advertising, etc.. When you have to afford all those fixed costs to buy a good whisky or gin you cannot sell your whisky brand to some pennies because then it is better you directly close the business. We no longer speak of the image, the prestige or anything like that, which would also be included. This is a separate issue.

Pirate distillate companies are not worried about ingredients, they do not care at all about their image and in many cases do not respond to their own product, as they simply fit a dealer and there it ends their mission, with little more money in their pocket. Alcoholic beverages are a good target for taxes and they do not stop rising at any country. So many people are slowing down their average consumption or they simply start to consider new options, leaving aside their trusted brands, those drinks they knew well and which have indeed provide them with such good times, literally.

Choosing  the cheapest is dangerous. This summer I bought an sun umbrella for three Euros and as I got to the beach and it got a little wind I had to throw it away in the closest container. I want to make a point: I was not on the beach in Tarifa, or in Costa da Morte, neither in river Ebro beach, as Zaragoza is quite known for its Northern wind called “cierzo”. I was in Mar Menor on one of those hot days where the air is almost symbolic. So sad was the existence of that sun umbrella by my side.

After the unfortunate incident thought why had not bought the nine Euros and a half one. I swore. Then a cold sweat ran down my forehead (and I thanked him a bit as it was too hot and it was not a drop of wind, really, sea breeze lifetime). I just happened to remember my decision to taste this vodka Perrastrrroika instead of buying the usual Absolut. Bloody hell. All for saving six Euros.

The sight of that potential sulfur liquid falling on the ice, of my hangover the day after the intake, of my face in the mirror… These things can be remedied. I am still on time. Quality has a price and the trust cannot be bought with money. As they say in my village: experiments with soda …

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