Alcohol consumption increases the chances of developing breast cancer in women

by Marta

The latest medical news based on very recent research results are clear: high alcohol consumption increases the chances of developing breast cancer in women. The causal relationship is direct and thus the tests which were carried out on heterogeneous samples of women of various age groups prove it.

Until recently, the consumption of a maximum of seven to fourteen units of alcohol per week for women was recommended. This amount would still keep healthy in the case of men although it multiplies by three. However, the recommendations today are much more restrictive and the healthy amounts get reduced to less than seven units for women per week and a maximum of fourteen for men.

The best reasons to drink a bit less

I think it is important to look at these tips and do not abuse alcohol. This will help to prevent breast cancer but also has many other advantages that I list below:

  • Enjoy better health in general: because as we cannot drink as much wine will have to enjoy its benefits by eating it as grapes. We have no choice but the positive side of it is that eating fruit is very healthy and has many advantages, as you can imagine.
  • Lose some extra weight: as you know, alcohol add some kilos on us (it is said that a glass of wine is the equivalent to three pieces of pastries … ).
  • Increase our savings: because we will stop spending all our money on mojitos, gin, wine and others.
  • Start enjoying a lot better quality wines than we did before: in our past line of everyday consumer we could not afford certain brands but now, as we will drink much less, we can give us a treat more often.

We still have to find out some things like: is an alcoholic unit the same as a glass? How much can you fill? Is it half full or half empty? Should we pour a little more? And when we get all these answers, then we can afford to make some exceptions for birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates.

On holidays and weekends, as practicing voluntary abstinence will be more complicated  than any other time, we will have to use that blessed moment when we enjoyed sipping a shot of port wine, a gin & tonic or a glass of sherry to search the internet (what better source of wisdom and knowledge) to buy wine, the most expensive ones, the most exclusive ones, the most chic ones, those that Parker drinks in his spare time, etc. in order to make our wish list and give us that whim that we will dose in maximum seven units a week. That means that once we open a bottle it could even last two weeks…

Come on, we can do it! Think of the benefits and be aware that it is better quality than quantity, on every field. It is our time to taste all these wines and spirits that had always flown our mind traveling a tad above our pocket. It’s time to catch them and open them. Cheers!



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