Albariño wines, more than a grape

by Alberto Martínez

Albariño Wines

Albariño wines are among the best-known wines, popular and appreciated.. We have several varieties ranging from excellence a bit expensive to others quite renowned at a very affordable price for all budgets.

Speaking of Albariño is thinking about Galicia, a noble land of wines and large areas of vineyards who has been able to sell and export these varieties, headed by the Rias Baixas.

Elegant, soft, well balanced and powerful at the same time offering a very distinguished white wine that goes perfectly for the season in which we are now. If you’re traveling for tourism in Galicia during these months, please take a glass of Albariño and take some bottles home too.

This is the best investment for moments of leisure!

This specialty shows soft aromas of flowers, mixed fruit and a touch of acidity, it is fresh on the palate. They are delicious very cold and especially if paired with seafood, fish, salads, pasta and strong cheeses.


 TAGS:Paco&Lola IwinePaco&Lola Iwine 2008

A Special design on the outside and intense flavors in the inside. This delicate Albariño has a color that catches our attention for mixing yellows and shinny greens. The apple and pineapple are in its aromas and when you drink it, you discover a fresh and deep flavor. Smells like flowers and very tasty fruits. 

 TAGS:buy Paco&Lola Iwine 24,19

 TAGS:Terras Gauda Etiqueta NegraTerras Gauda Etiqueta Negra 2008

Try this sublime wine. A well consolidated wine with a deep yellow color. We like the color hints, the aroma of ripe fruit like peach and flowers, as well as smoky wood. Ideal with crayfish or tasty prawns!!

 TAGS:buy Terras Gauda Etiqueta Negra 42,50


 TAGS:La Cana 2009La Cana 2009

Finally, this wine is more affordable and offers flavors of citrus, soft aromas mixed with other more acidic.

 TAGS:buy La Cana 2009 11,90


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