Albariño, Galician perfum

by Alberto Martínez

The Albariño grape is a white variety grown mainly in Galicia and more specifically in the area of the Rias Baixas appellation. It is also widely used in the northern Portugal area of Vinho Verde.

It is considered one of the most important indigenous varieties of Galicia. The grape clusters are small, with early maturity and medium vigor. Wines made from this variety are often called “Albariño” and have a straw-yellow, bright, with hints of gold and green. They have floral and fruity aromas (apricot, pineapple …), fine and distinguished, which impress pleasantly. The taste is fresh and soft, with body and alcohol (between 11 and 13% Vol), balanced acidity (between 7 and 9 g/l), and large harmonious shades. Its taste is pleasant, elegant and complete.

The “Albariño” are the most famous white wines of Galicia, and have develop in recent years with a variety of brands, styles and presentations. They are considered the ideal complement to the Galician seafood and are listed in almost all wine lists in Spain. They begin to make their way in many countries, where they are notable for being made ??with native variety and be highly perfumed, elegant and aromatic.

Despite being white wines, Albariños consumed in its second year reach their highest expression and balance.

 TAGS:Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011

Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011

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Pequeño Santos 2011

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