After Shock, liquor for strong palates


For those who want new, strong, explosive flavors and always in small doses, there are some spirits with strong personalities. Today we present the After Shock, which for those who have not heard about it, it is a strong alcoholic drink that something have a different flavors (hence the name). Of course, it tastes cinnamon and pepper, which causes still more bitter taste.

It became commercially by 1987 in Britain and spread among British students looking for something strong and very fashionable. It should be noted that the color of the liquor is usually blue or red, and the bottle design is also really striking.

Therefore it is popularized to become a really cool drink. In appearance, both inside and in the outside of the bottle can resemble the Blue Tropic, but the taste really has nothing to do.

It has an alcohol content of about 40% no less! Often drunk in a shot glass. In Germany and England it is much more popular and in Spain it costs more to find a bottle, but it’s always possible to buy After Shock on beverage stores online. It is a good gift when invited to a dinner. Everyone will try some glasses after a heavy menu, because we’ll need it.

As we have noted, it has different flavors. We found the After Shock Blue, Blue color; it tastes like strong mint with pepper and cinnamon. And the Red one has a very similar flavor. This liquor can be mixed with other beverages and is used to make cocktails, just put a few drops of liquor mixed with fruit juice, some vodka, Malibu, whiskey or lime … to counter the powerful taste of After Shock. You know, if you like excitement, the After Shock is for you, always in moderation.

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