7 White wines you will rejoice this summer

by Luis Bobadilla

We are in the middle of the summer and, for most people, white wine is their choice to enjoy this season. Just picture yourself in a terrace in front of the sea with a soft and fresh breeze touching your face while you enjoy a nice glass of white wine. A really good postal card for the summer. However, maybe you are not on vacation yet and the fresh breeze in your face is the air conditioner in your car or office… But, you know, dreaming is free, right?

What we can do here at Uvinum -and that will be our humble contribution to the summer dream- is to share you a list of white wines that could well be part of the picture. And for that, well, you won’t need to invest your vacation savings, because we have the best offers, the best prices and the best discounts on selected white wines.

So, while you wait for that dream to happen, you can enjoy yourself with the following wines, which for less than 9 pounds will give a touch of happiness.

1. Protos Verdejo 2015

Protos Verdejo 2015 is a wine that comes straight from the D.O. Rueda to seduce our palates with its fruity and intense flavour. It is a wine that in the nose is powerful and fruity in the mouth and has a good acidity, good balance and a complex mood.

2. Marieta 2015

The new vintage of the first semi-dry albariño of the history returns to delight with its youthful, intense, fruity and sweet taste, so we can enjoy it one more time. It is very suitable to drink it cool, especially in the hot days of the summer.

3. José Pariente Verdejo 2015

José Pariente Verdejo has been for several years one of the market references in Verdejos. An easy and versatile wine which it’s ideal for appetizers and light dishes, it represents everything for Bodegas José Pariente has worked for so long, a wish come true… and wine.

4. Ampelosaurus Chardonnay 2014

You might find the dinosaur on its label very remarkable, but it’s there for a good reason: the land where the grapes are growth and processed is located in the Haute Vallée de l’Aude (in the Languedoc-Rousillon), a benchmark of paleontology. In fact, some scientists have found a full and almost intact dinosaur skeleton along with some dinosaur eggs in the vineyards of Anne de Joyeuse.

5. Martin Codax 2015

Martin Codax 2015 it’s an outstanding, fresh and balanced wine that can be enjoyed especially well with seafood dishes and fish, in a mix that extracts the best of land and sea. Do not hesitate to try the new vintage of this delicious Albariño!

6. El Perro Verde 2015

El Perro Verde 2015, the new vintage of one of the nicest wines in the Spanish market, has come again willing to make our lunches, dinners and evenings with friends funnier and unforgettable. It offers a fresh, smooth and vibrant flavour.

7. Nosso 2015

This is a 100% Verdejo and 100% organic wine, which it is processed with totally natural procedures and treatments. Through it you will be able to enjoy the smell of the wet earth and the natural grape. It is the lack of makeup that makes this wine strong in character and authenticity.

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