7 false myths about whisky

by unshel

Whisky is an excellent traditional drink, probably the most popular spirit and also the one with the most misconceptions. We share with you some of these preconceived ideas about this mythical drink. You may even end up enjoying whisky even more.

1. You must drink it pure

If you understand that whisky is forty percent of alcohol, you can also understand why you need to add a little water to drink it: after someone consumes more than three glasses, the taste buds are numbed and lose their ability to taste the whisky.

Not all whiskies must be consumed in a glass without ice, this depends on how the liquor has aged. There are smoky whiskies, powerful in their flavor and aroma, that need an ice cube to balance the strong taste.

2. The more expensive, the better

The best advice here is to try all possible whiskies and select the ones you like. You have to try every variety of whisky to discover your favourite.

The greater maturity, the more expensive the whisky. But that does not mean it is the only thing that marks the quality since one can find very nice whiskeys from little barrels. There are types with low ageing that can be enjoyed just as much, it’s a matter of knowing how to choose the whisky.

3. You have to drink it quick

To enjoy the whisky it is not necessary to drink large amounts or finish the drink very fast. Unlike tequila or rum, whisky must be taken slowly to savour. You can even enjoy one glass over an hour.

4. Do not drink from tall glasses

Although some people may find it a strange way of drinking whisky some prefer this one. And for years, the Scots have been drinking whisky from a Quaich (a special kind of shallow two-handled drinking cup or bowl).

5. The whisky should be warm

In Colombia, for example, it is customary to drink whisky to cool off and refresh yourself while in Scotland people use the drink to warm up. It is a personal choice, a matter of taste.

6. Cheap whiskies cause hangovers

The cheap whisky has the same alcohol as the expensive ones. But if you add hyperactivity, physical exhaustion, dehydration, mental excitement and the speed you drink it, and maybe a poor diet, then you are in danger of a hangover.

If you drink whisky during dinner and over the course of a conversation, the intake is not as high. However, there should be no difference between single malt whiskies and blends (mixes of malt and other grains). Chemically it could be said that single malt gives less hangover because it contains less concentration of sugar.

7. You can not pair whisky with food

Drinking whisky while enjoying a meal is quite different from that of wine. But it is possible. If a whisky is 12 years old, sweet, fruity or fresh with almond aromas, you could go with the fresh flavors of Ceviche, Tuna Tartar or grilled Octopus. When enjoying a whisky with food, it is suggested consuming it with a little water or ice.

 TAGS:The Famous Grouse 1LThe Famous Grouse 1L

The Famous Grouse 1L: The Whisky is named the Red Grouse, like Scotland’s national bird.

 TAGS:Nikka From The Barrel 50clNikka From The Barrel 50cl

Nikka From The Barrel 50cl:  a Cask strength whisky native of Japan with 51.4º of alcohol content.

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