5 Tips to lose weight eating well

by Luis Bobadilla

Holiday season has come to end and perhaps we still have tiny reminiscences of the great feasts we had. And let’s not lie to ourselves: it is completely normal that during Christmas we probably ate a little too much or more than the usual, but it’s fine and understandable; we don’t have a fixed schedule and have many events and commitments. But now, if you want, you can return to your normal life –and weight– without making too much diet. The thing is to have good health!

1. Five meals a day

Does it seem excessive? No, it is recommended by doctors and nutritionists to lead a healthy life and stay in great shape. It simply is eating first thing in the morning, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Obviously, the trick is just eat in small portions to avoid hungry and starvation.

2. The Mediterranean diet

To lose weight and eat healthy for life, the Mediterranean diet is one of the best recommended by specialists worldwide. It is a diet rich in fruits, seasonal produce, fish, salads, cereals and occasionally wine.

3. Weekly exercise plan

These diets should alternate and be supplemented with exercise. If you can do it daily it’d be better, but if it’s not possible, try at least twice a week. It’s about doing aerobic and abdominal exercises. New disciplines like Zumba or AeroStyle are very good since they make you move the whole body continuously and strengthen muscles to reduce fat. Exercise should be continuous, it is useless to go to the gym only one or two days a month.

4. Increase intake of fruit

Fruit is an antioxidant and it helps significantly to reduce fat. We can replace bread and sugary desserts and eat instead 3 pieces of fruit each day

5. Fish, fish, fish

In the same way, we must put aside fats, processed food and certain meats and increase consumption of fish, especially the blue one. Doctors recommend eating fish three times or more a week. Beware of sauces and condiments that accompany the fish: it’s much better grilling and serving it with vegetables and soy sauce.

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