5 Sustainable Gins You Need to Know About

by Chelsea Cummings
5 gins

5 gins

Did you know that the 3rd of March is the UN’s World Wildlife Day? This is the world’s most important annual event dedicated to wildlife which celebrates and raises awareness of Earth’s wild animals and plants. To commemorate this special day, Drinks&Co has put together a compilation of 5 sustainable gins so you can help our wonderful wildlife with every delicious sip of your gin and tonic! Who said saving the planet had to be hard?

Elephant Gin – The One for Elephant Lovers

If you love elephants, you need to know about Elephant Gin. This multi-award-winning German gin company puts sustainability and elephants at the heart of all its operations. Not only do 15% of their profits go to projects which help endangered African elephants, their dedication to sustainability and social responsibility can be seen in areas ranging from smart recycling initiatives to providing education and work opportunities in wildlife conservation. 

Elephant Gin’s commitment to using recyclable packaging and sustainable materials includes using natural corks, hemp string decorations, cardboard packaging, and recycled paper made from elephant dung. To avoid using single-use plastics,  Elephant Gins are packaged using shredded 100% recyclable boxes and the corks are protected using 100% biodegradable shrink sleeves. 

To minimize food waste, Elephant Gin has recently started upcycling leftover sloe berries from Elephant Sloe Gin production. This innovative project involves collaborating with restaurants and bars to use the sloe berries in tantalising food and drink offerings. 

While Elephant Gin is handmade in Germany, it’s produced using rare African botanicals from countries like South Africa and Malawi. To give back to the places that make Elephant Gin possible, the company is involved in a number of education and employment projects in Africa. This includes co-founding an education centre called The Wildlife Spirit, which runs a range of waste reducing and recycling initiatives, employs a number of locals, and supports cultural initiatives such as selling local arts and crafts.

So if you love elephants, what are you waiting for? After all, the first step to changing the world is having the right spirit!

 TAGS:Elephant London Dry Gin 50cl

Elephant London Dry Gin 50cl

This full-bodied gin uses 14 botanicals including rare African ingredients that have not been used in gin-making before. Enjoy with tonic for a refreshing and different drink

Fatty’s Organic Gin –Organic from Head to Toe

Everything about Fatty’s Organic Gin is 100% organic – even the ink on the label. By making every element of their spirits traceable and doing without chemicals, pesticides, GMOs, or other artificial ingredients, Fatty’s ensures their gin production has minimal negative impact on the environment. This even applies to the bottles, which are sprayed with organic ink, screen printed at low temperatures, and sealed with wax by hand.

Accredited by The Soil Association, the most stringent and trusted organic standard in the World, Fatty’s is one of the best organically produced gins in the UK. 

Not only are Fatty’s gins organic, where possible, all their botanicals are Fair Trade, meaning a fair price is paid to the farmers who harvest the crops used in their delicious, ethical spirits. Made in small batches of 100 bottles per run in south London, Fatty’s award-winning spirits are also vegan-friendly, sustainable, and a real treat for the artisan spirits drinker.

 TAGS:Fatty's Organic Gin

Fatty’s Organic Gin

Fatty’s Organic London Dry Gin with subtle flavours of dill is the perfect gift for the artisan spirits drinker

Warner’s Honeybee Gin – Un-bee-lievably Good

This next gin pays homage to the world’s master pollinators – bees!

While Warner’s produces a wide range of small-batch gins at Falls Farm in Northamptonshire, including lemon balm, elderflower and classic London dry gin, it’s their Honeybee gin that has the best story. 

Made in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society to protect British bees, a portion of Warner’s profits support the gardening charity’s pollinator projects. In 2018, this reached £25,000. This is the first time the Royal Horticultural Society has partnered with a spirit brand. The success of this collaboration suggests it won’t be the last.

Warner’s Honeybee Gin is crafted with 28 botanicals including lavender, rose, and a dollop of honey from Falls Farm’s hives – home to 1.2 million honeybees! To continue supporting honeybees in the future,  each bottle comes with a pack of bee-friendly wildflower seeds to plant in your garden. To date, they’ve gifted an incredible 100,000 wildflower seeds to establish green corridors and support pollinators like butterflies, bees, moths, beetles and bumblebees.

And Warner’s environmental efforts don’t just stop there. Their water comes from their own farm’s spring, over 99% of their ingredients are sourced from British farms including their own where they’re self-sufficient for many botanicals, they’re members of 1% for the planet and were crowned the Footprint Drinks Sustainability Winner 2019 for their ongoing work on initiatives, education and campaigns supporting bees.

Prairie Organic – The Future of Organic Gins

Every batch of Prairie Organic Gin starts its journey from field to bottle as 100% USDA Certified organic yellow corn that’s non-GMO and grown on local family farms in Minnesota. All crops are grown without herbicides, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Instead, more labour- and time-intensive organic practices are used, like weeding by hand. It takes more effort but results in top-quality organic gins.

Wildlife plays an important role in organic farming and in the lifecycle of the organic corn for Prairie Organic gins. Since the Minnesota co-op of family farmers who produce Prairie gin don’t use harmful pesticides, they rely on native birds and bats to consume the insect populations.

With every sip of Prairie Organic Gin, you can know you’re leading positive change as 1% of sales goes to the Spirit of Change Fund which helps the next generation of farmers to learn and develop organic practices.

 TAGS:Prairie Organic Gin

Prairie Organic Gin

Prairie Organic Gin is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a top-quality organic product

Mermaid Gin –Plastic-Free and Beautiful

Once you’ve gotten over just how gorgeous this fish-scaled bottle is, get ready to be wowed by Mermaid Gin’s impressive eco-credentials. 

First of all, Mermaid gin supports marine conservation projects and has been awarded the Plastic-Free standard by A Plastic Planet, as certified by Control Union. Instead of plastic, Mermaid Gin uses sustainably sourced natural cork, with a compostable seal and recyclable neck label. While the bottle isn’t made from recycled materials, it’s fully recyclable itself. Plus, the bottle’s so beautiful you could definitely repurpose it for a stunning vase or water jug. 

Achieving plastic-free status for their packaging was only the first step towards sustainability. The Isle of Wight’s sole distillery examined every part of their production process to minimise their carbon footprint, as well as investing in projects that actively protect the environment. The Isle of Wight Distillery is now certified as Net Zero by Good Business.

As for the gin itself, it uses 10 ethically sourced botanicals including Isle of Wight-grown elderflower, Boadicea hops, and locally foraged fragrant rock samphire foraged from the island’s shores. Incidentally, rock samphire, known locally as ‘mermaid’s kiss’, is the gin’s lead botanical and is what gives the spirit its name. 

 TAGS:Mermaid Gin

Mermaid Gin

The obvious choice if you want to protect the environment of mermaids.

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