5 Original Rainbow Cocktails for Pride Month

by Isabelle Escande
Drinks&Co Rainbow Cocktails for Pride Month

This Pride Month, we’re sharing 5 original cocktails created by our bartenders at the Drinks&Co concept store in Paris. Each of these rainbow cocktails represents one of the colours of the rainbow flag. Get ready for some fun and surprising cocktails from our special Mirror Cocktail series as well as some classic cocktails revisited by our bartenders.

A quick recap for those who have not yet heard of our original Mirror Cocktail series created for Drinks&Co by Guillaume Guerbois. Each of the cocktails in this mirror series has been created around a particular taste and aromatic profile, a personality, a story, and is available in two forms: with and without alcohol.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to paint the town red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple with our rainbow cocktails!

Drinks&Co Negroni

Drinks&Co Negroni
Drinks&Co Negroni

A classic, the Negroni naturally found its place in the selection of mirror cocktails for its bitter, powerful and herbaceous side. Our Drinks&Co version emphasises its Italian origins by selecting only Italian products. Enhanced with a spray of homemade citrus essential oil and an orange wedge dipped in chocolate, this negroni is just delicious.

What you’ll need for the Drinks&Co Negroni:

The Spirited Version: Campari bitter, Winestillery dry gin, Baldoria sweet vermouth.

The Alcohol-free Version: BTTR, Seedlip spice 94, Martini Vibrante.

Drinks&Co Pimm’s

Drinks&Co Pimm's Cocktail
Drinks&Co Pimms

For the second of our rainbow cocktails, we’ve kept the original ingredients, but the flavours of each have been amplified to provide a unique taste experience. Sparkling and flavourful, with notes of cucumber and ginger, Pimm’s is an incredibly refreshing apéritif. Traditionally, Pimm’s is served with a choice of champagne, ginger ale or lemonade.

And as always in our Mirror Cocktail series, there are two options:

The Spirited Version: Pimm’s, Champagne Cuvée Amandine

The Alcohol-free Version: Original Fluère, So Jennie

Daddy’s Lemonade

Daddy's Lemonade Cocktail
Daddy’s Lemonade

A 100% Drinks&Co creation that you can make yourself at home! We’re even giving you the full recipe! The main ingredient?

Evadé – a French single malt made by double distillation in a Charentais still. Aged between 3 and 5 years in 6 types of casks (new and old French oak, American oak, bourbon, cognac and Burgundy red wine), it is made in the most natural way possible, without cold filtration or additives. It offers a mouthwatering nose of chocolate, caramel, dried fruit and baked apples.


40 ml Evadé Single Malt / 20 ml lemon juice / 20 ml organic Belvoir Elderflower Cordial / 120ml sparkling water / A few mint leaves and lemon zest


In a highball glass filled with ice, pour the Evadé Single Malt whisky, lemon juice and Belvoir Cordial Elderflower. Top up with sparkling water and serve.

Drinks&Co Matcha

Drinks&Co Match
Drinks&Co Matcha

It is a 100% original Drinks&Co creation highlighting the subtle aromas of botanicals and spices. The cold brew of matcha tea combined harmoniously with the other ingredients offers a fresh, light and delicate cocktail — perfect for any occasion.

With notes of mint, chamomile, cucumber and matcha tea, this beautiful green cocktail is made with Beefeater 24 infused with chamomile and mint. Original, isn’t it?

The Butterfly (pre-metamorphosis)

Drinks&Co Butterfly Cocktail
The Butterfly

Subtly smokey with tart and delicious flavours, this cocktail metamorphoses right in front of your eyes, just like a butterfly. Delicate, complex and poetic, it forms part of our famous Mirror Cocktail series.

Tropical, with notes of pineapple and coconut, this cocktail exists in two forms:

The Spirited Version: Altos blanco, Del Maguey Vida

The Alcohol-free Version : Fluere agave with liquid smoke (20 drops)

The Butterfly (post-metamorphosis)

Drinks&Co Rainbow Cocktails

And the blue has turned into purple! Cool, right? To discover these unique cocktails live, visit our Concept Store in Paris when travel restrictions allow.

On the terrace or at the bar…. Come and admire (and taste!) these unique creations in the colours of the rainbow flag, emblem of love and universality!

Translated by Chelsea Cummings from Isabelle Escande’s original French article: Des cocktails aux couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel

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