5 anecdotes on gin


Nowadays most of us have access to comprehensive information on our favorite drinks. If you are an avowed fan of gin, you will enjoy the following anecdotes that we are about to share with you.

  1. The word gin comes from Juniperus, juniper. Gin is obtained by the distillation of barley and flavored with juniper berries amongst others. Therefore, it receives the name Juniper or Juniperus communis. The taste of this drink can be highly variable due to its elaboration process as well as the additives involved in the gin. Thus, the taste of a gin can enormously vary between one brand and another. The two main types of gin are the Dutch (less purified and more flavored grain) and the London Dry (free from sweeteners and colors).
  2. Gin was created in the Netherlands, not in London. Although gin is often associated with Great Britain and London, its origin is Dutch. It is believed that gin was invented by a physicist named Franciscus Sylvius during the mid-seventeenth century, and although there is evidence of the prior existence of a drink with some similar characteristics, it is said that it was in the Netherlands where Franciscus began selling gin in order to treat medical problems such as lumbago, biliary stones or gout. Shortly after that moment, gin found a new market in London. Queen Elizabeth or Queen Mom, was partly responsible for converting gin into a fashionable drink (she was a fan of its digestive properties).
  3. Gin was used to combat malaria.  As mentioned before, the discoverers and travelers from the eighteenth century were at risk of contracting dangerous diseases when traveling and exploring throughout the world. At that time, the bitter compound quinine was known as a preventive medicine against malaria. But the bitter taste did not appeal to everybody. For this reason, people began to mix it with gin. Some consider this story as the birth of Gin & Tonic. Gin was also used to combat scurvy.
  4. The Philippines are the best market for gin. This oceanic country is the world’s most important consumer of gin. Its market takes almost the half (43%) of the worldwide gin production. The San Miguel Geneva is one of the most popular gin on the Philippine market with 22 million cases sold annually. Further major consumer markets of gin are the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain. Recently Gin & Tonic has become one of the most popular drinks thanks to the hipster culture but not too much time ago was seen as an outdated drink for older people.
  5. It was the favorite drink during Dry Law. During the prohibition of alcohol, London became a major producer of illegal gin. At the same time, bathtubs in American apartments were used to store thousands of liters of gin which was the most consumed beverage during that period. It was precisely there where most of the gin cocktails were created, as the spirit was mixed with other ingredients to outbalance its strong flavor.

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City Of London Square Mile London Dry Gin: A London Dry gin.



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Adnams Copper House Dry Gin



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