300 years with Chianti: how has it aged?


Chianti, wine from the region of Tuscany in Florence, the first protected wine region in the world, greets its 300 years anniversary in good shape. Because of this celebration, there are various events in the region and in Florence capital you will find tastings and presentations.

The truth is that the Chianti wine, has varying degrees of quality. It is widespread in Italy, and also in other countries. Currently, and to distinguish it from other types, the Chianti Classico reinvents itself and its producers have created a new category: Gran Selezione, high quality, at a higher price, and to diminish the bad reputation that some have given the chianti.

Currently, this area covers 70,000 hectares and produces 35 million bottles a year of the wine called Chianti Classico. About 80% of production is exported to a hundred different countries.

It is noteworthy that the ordinary Chianti occurs throughout the whole region of Tuscany, while the Chianti Classico, since 2010 and by law, can only be produced in a strip of land between Florence and Siena, which has 7,000 hectares of vineyards.

In all these years of chianti, more significant events include increasing exports.Chinese and other powerful worldwide business groups have collaborated with some of the wineries in chianti production. This does not diminish the importance of traditional wineries, which are many, that during these years of history have supported and protected the quality of chianti as one of the best-known products of Italy.

Famous people and known gallery owners have purchased wineries in this area. Maybe it is the attracting charm of the wonderful Tuscany or maybe it is the extolling virtues of this wine.

Some producers go further and recognise that the future is the ecological and biodynamic cultivation, such as Querciabella, which are produced without chemical fertilisers or pesticides, according to biodynamic principles.

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Ruffino Chianti 2015



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Ruffino Chianti Classico Riserva Ducale 2012



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