3 Spanish sparkling wines

by Marta Burgués

Sparkling wine is a hit in many countries and Spain would not be less. The sparkling wines are achieved when there is a second fermentation in the bottle. But this should not be confused with artificially sparkling wines, to which carbon dioxide is injected.

Really, sparkling wines are made in virtually all autonomous communities in the country, primarily Catalonia (main producer of cava), Basque Country, Aragon, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha and La Rioja. We recommend three sparkling wines from some of these and other communities. Today we’ll show some of the sparkling wines from lesser known areas of Spain:

Sparkling wines from Castilla y León

The sparkling wines from Castilla y Leon are trendy and its elaboration is increasingly important. Some sparkling wines from Rueda in Valladolid are of excellent quality, made from Verdejo grapes. But within this region, we can cite other wines with these characteristics, such as the wines from Toro or the Flor de Saúco Tinto Brut, the first double fermented red sparkling wine in the Spanish market.

Sparkling wines from Madrid

With bubbles, with a unique flavor, and increasingly demanded, also in Madrid sparkling wine is all the rage. We can find them in many cellars and taverns downtown, perfect with a ?tapa? of cheese or Iberian ham.

This is mainly thanks to Bodegas Jesus Diaz, who have been pioneers in the elaboration of this kind of wine in the community. Its white and rosé cavas are remarkable.

Sparkling wines from the Canary Islands

Though perhaps they are less known, the Canary sparkling wines already enjoy international prestige. The most outstanding are those from Lanzarote, with Malvasia grapes, or those produced in the Guimar valley; and in Tenerife, which has three wineries devoted to their production. They are ideal with the local food, especially if you visit at any time of year.

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