3 delicious wines for spring

by Johanna Hofbauer

Nights are getting shorter and the days are getting longer again. After a cold and wet winter, we welcome this easy and fresh springtime with open arms. This free and easy mindset finds the best company in fresh wines with a long aftertaste. And so, we’re starting our quest for this type of wines.

That’s why we prepared three first-class wines for you that fulfil these standards and moreover, show up in an outstanding price-value-ratio.

Who knows how to enjoy doesn’t drink wine anymore but tastes secrets instead. – Salvador Dalí (1904 – 1989).

 TAGS:Kiefer Schmetterlinge Im Bauch Rosé 2015Kiefer Schmetterlinge Im Bauch Rosé 2015

We start our recommendations with a wine to fall in love with. Rosé wines like this “Schmetterlinge im Bauch” (Butterflies in the stomach) made by Weingut Kiefer make a perfect match for spring and give variation to our wine routine. Because let’s be honest, we often stick to our favourites and save-bet wines. This rosé from Baden, Germany, adds to the brand’s product range named “Junge Poeten” (Young Poets) and convinces with vigour, poetry, and colour. The fresh variety quartet of Pinot Noir, Dornfelder, Cabernet Mitos, and Cabernet Carol delivers a fizzy and fruity wine and an absolutely fine taste on the palate. Fun to drink and fun to share!

 TAGS:Cantina Terlan Pinot Bianco 2015Cantina Terlan Pinot Bianco 2015

The Pinot Bianco 2015 made by Cantina Terlan from South Tyrol offers lots of power and tension with fresh fruity notes of pear and quince. Since the beginnings, this white belongs to the winery’s most important wines. With its delicate and mineral character, typical for Cantina Terlan, the terroir finds its wonderful expression. An ideal white wine for fresh salads, light fish dishes and diverse antipasti. That’s how  you chink glasses on spring.

 TAGS:Tariquet Premières Grives 2015Tariquet Premières Grives 2015

Our third recommendation takes us to France, where we find the Tariquet Premières Grives 2015, a wonderful and fresh white wine. Lovely and at the same time full-bodied, this Gros Manseng dances on the aficionado’s tongue living “from the joy of  surrendering itself”. On the finish, the white wine from Gascony is deliciously long revealing fruity notes of grapes. The Premières Grives stands for an exotic but fine character and you can still welcome spring 2018 with this bottle – if you store it correctly.

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