3 Christmas Cocktails To Make Even The Grinch Smile

by Chelsea Cummings
Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cocktails

Would you like to offer your guests something special for Christmas this year? If you’re bored of sparkling wine and Champagne, we suggest trying these three Christmas cocktails that would make even the Grinch smile.

White Christmas Margarita

This Christmasy take on the classic Mexican cocktail is sure to get everyone in the party mood.


  • 45ml tequila blanco
  • 15ml Cointreau
  • 30ml coconut milk
  • 15ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 15ml white cranberry juice
  • pomegranates (for garnish)
  • rosemary sprig (for garnish)
  • sugar (for rim)


Run a lime slice around the rim of the glass and turn in the sugar to give it a sweet rim. Shake all the liquid ingredients in an ice-filled shaker. Strain into a glass and garnish with a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds and the rosemary sprig.

Santa Clausmopolitan

Santa Clausmopolitan

Enjoy a Christmasy twist on the classic Cosmopolitan dedicated to Father Christmas himself.


  • 60ml vodka
  • 30 ml Cointreau
  • 30ml Cranberry Juice
  • 30ml lime juice
  • Cranberries (for garnish)
  • White sugar (for garnish)


Run a lime slice around the rim of a martini glass and then roll in white sugar to give it a sweet rim reminiscent of Santa’s beard. In an ice-filled shaker, add the vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau and lime juice. Shake for a few seconds and pour into cups decorated with sugar. Give it a final festive touch by adding a few cranberries to the glass.

The Grinch

Christmas cocktails

Last but not least, this bright green cocktail is inspired by the Grinch himself. This one is dedicated to all those people who have a love-hate relationship with Christmas!


  • 60ml Midori
  • 30ml Vodka
  • 120ml Sprite
  • maraschino cherry (for garnish)
  • candy cane (for garnish)


Fill a glass with ice and add the Midori and Vodka. Fill to the brim with Sprite and stir. Decorate with a maraschino cherry and a candy cane.

If you prefer, you can replace the Vodka with Rum or Triple Sec.


We hope you enjoy making these Christmas cocktails and from the entire Drinks&Co team, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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