20 secrets to become the best bartender

by Marta Burgués

If what you want is to be a great bartender and dazzle your guests on meetings at your home, or take this job seriously and live by it, you can be guided to succeed by some of these tips.

  1. Know every ingredient you work with (either whisky, vodka, rum…) and learn cocktail recipes, be sure to learn about new options to offer to your customers.
  2. Work quickly and show yourself serene despite the number of orders.
  3. Sell or serve the best quality spirits rather than large quantities of poor quality, a good bartender understands it has a responsibility to its customers.
  4. Be polite and act like an excellent host, creating a good relationship with clients is the secret for they to return whenever they want.
  5. Try to remember the name of your regulars, this will make them feel esteemed, get back to you and ask for more cocktails with many friends.
  6. Be discreet in your relationship with them but show yourself open to listen whenever they want.
  7. Maintain order and cleanliness as you work.
  8. Explain to guests or clients what each cocktail is to help them choose better.
  9. Help maintaining an atmosphere of joy and collaboration with people around you, whether they are employees or customers.
  10. Always take into account your personal presentation, you are the face of the bar or party.
  11. Remember to check from time to time that all attendees are satisfied and do not require a new cocktail.
  12. Smile while serving every cocktail to your guests.
  13. Don’t to overdo talking to the guests unless they request it and you’re not full of orders.
  14. Learn some gastronomy to supplement your knowledge, it can be of help.
  15. Learn new languages; in this as in any other job, is always useful being able to communicate with people from different countries and serve them better.
  16. Keep your face up, serene and attentive to any call.
  17. Place the ingredients so you can make the shortest possible route to prepare any cocktail.
  18. Never cheat with measures, the quality of ingredients and proper preparation of cocktails will be part of your reputation.
  19. Always keep your hands up on the bar to provide greater speed and efficiency to your customers.
  20. Be open to listen to your clients and guests, with or without reason.

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