100% British drinks to enjoy Saint George’s Day

by sarahrichardier

Saint George’s Day (the patron saint of England) is an important day in England. And even if it?s not an official national holiday, and if this year Saint George’s Day will be a Thursday, it does not prevent you from having a good time!

Many pubs will show the flags and garlands of St George?s crosses. Inside, customers will be singing the National Anthem (God Save the Queen). You may choose to go to the pub, but you can also prefer to have a more intimate celebration with family and friends, at home. Here are some typical English drinks that you may serve for your little party:


Pimm?s is a very famous liqueur in England. Pimm was the son of a farmer who bought a bar in London and started to serve a very special drink in order to facilitate the digestion of its customers. He invented such a good recipe and it received so enthusiastic return that he began a large-scale production in 1851.


The first written mention of Scotch dates back to 1495. But historians believe that Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for hundreds of years, long before that. Today, whisky in general is an absolute classic in England, and is one of the most sold drinks in bars and pubs.


How can we talk about English drinks without mentioning the beer, one of the oldest beverages produced by humans, with references dating back to the 5th millennium BC? But it is definitely in England that its contemporary?s roots can be found. It is the first alcoholic drink to be produced in Britain. You may find bitter, brown ale and stout beer. Choose your favorite!


In England, cider has the highest per capita consumption in the world. Its production and consumption is not reserved to England, of course. In fact, cider is mostly associated with the West Country, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Still, it is a very popular drink in the hall country.

Of course, don?t forget to eat while drinking! You might accompany your great drinks with typical English drinks like English breakfast, Roast Beef, Yorkshire Puddings and a Cream Tea before bed!

Want some recommendation to buy typical English drinks? Here they are:

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