10 myths about beer

by marerlma

Drinking beer makes you fat… There are many myths around that don’t do justice to that great drink called beer. In the following we will share the most common ones with you and give you the reason why they are false.

  1. Drinking beer is bad for your health. Beer is low in calories, 42 Kcal per 100 ml. It does not contain any fat or sugar, but carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. Hops is a sedative and stimulates the appetite. Malt contains organic acids and vitamins.
  2. Beer makes you fat. Following a study with 891 men and 1.098 women between 25 and 64 years in the Czech Republic there is no relation between how much beer you consume and the size of your belly.
  3. The darker the beer the more alcohol it contains. Wrong. The color of the beer is in no way related to the alcohol level. The dark tone of some beers is a consequence of roasting the malt.
  4. Light beer has less alcohol than lager. The difference between light and lager is the amount of calories while the alcohol level depends directly on the process of fermentation.
  5. Craft beer is better than commercial one. Both varieties of beer are brewed the same way. The difference lies in the shelf life: craft beer has a shelf life of 90 days while commercial beer keeps for 250 days. The formula is the same, what makes the difference here is the packaging. That is also the reason why draught beer appears to us more fresh, it is not packed.
  6. Green glass bottles mean better beer. This myth originates from the end of World War II when there was a shortage of amber colored and transparent glass in Europe. Seeing the imported beer always being bottled in green glass, the rumor went round that it was a sign of quality.
  7. “Ale” is dark and “Lager” is of golden color. The color of the beer depends on the kind of malt they are brewed of. Malt varieties differ in the grade of roasting from a Pilsner malt used for a Lager Pilsner style to a chocolaty malt used to brew an Ale porter or stout style.
  8. Beer and food don’t go well together. You can combine beer with food just as well as wine. In Belgium there are Restaurants specialized in “beer cuisine”, where you can find dishes cooked with beer, while others offer beer recommendations for each meal in the menu.
  9. Alcohol-free beer has no calories. ‘Alcohol-free’ beer in Spain by law has an alcohol level  below 1% and very few hydrocarbonates, between 2 to 5 grams per 100 cc. One beer contains between 40 to 80 calories. The difference between a ‘normal’ and ‘alcohol free’ beer is thus around 50 calories.
  10. American beer is very poor and does not taste like anything. Beer in the US has changed. Today there exist more than 1.000 little breweries in this country. Besides the typical beers brewed with wheat and not with malt, there can be found others with a strong and delicious taste.

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