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The Binissalem denomination of origin has vineyards in the municipalities of Binissalem, Consell, Santa Maria del Camí, Santa Eugenia and Sencelles, in the center of the island of Majorca in the Balearic Islands. A region with a gentle landscape, dominated by the plains, with vineyards protected from the cold winds from the north by the mountains of Alfàbia.

The lands belonging to the Binissalem DO, a total of 500 hectares, are based on deep, stony soils, with a good quantity of limestone and great texture. This, combined with a mild, typically Mediterranean climate, enables the development and balanced maturation of the fruits of the native varieties of Manto Negro and Callet, both red grapes, and Moll, which is white.

The most famous wine from the Binissalem denomination is the red Manto Negro, which is an elegant, aromatic and full-bodied wine especially designed for aging in oak barrels. Modern technology is reserved for white and rosé wines.

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