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Wine of Bekaa

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The wines of Lebanon do not enjoy much popularity worldwide. However, in the Bekaa region of the country you can find large wineries that grow and produce truly extraordinary wines.

In Lebanon, the vine has been cultivated for thousands of years, especially in the northern Bekaa Valley. Currently, this area is considered the centre of Lebanese viticulture. All the slopes of the Valley are full of vineyards up to 1,000 meters of altitude. The conditions are fantastic because there are 300 days of sunshine throughout the year. The grape varieties used are mostly of French origin.

Bekaa Valley

The Bekaa Valley is a plain located in the eastern area of Lebanon. Currently, it is the main agricultural area of ​​the country.

This valley has been known since Roman times for its wine. There is even a temple in honour of Bacchus, the God of wine. It is an area with extraordinary conditions for the cultivation of the vine, since the summers are very hot, with little rainfall.

The best-known Bekaa wineries

Domaine des Tourelles: it is one of the oldest wineries in the region, and also one of the most reputable. They organize regular visits for wine tasting.

Massaya: a winery that offers the option of knowing first hand the local customs and traditions. Visitors taste meals made with local products by women from the neighbouring villages, paired, of course, with the best wines from the cellar.

Clos St Thomas: one of the wineries that has the longest tradition in the Bekaa Valley. It has a chapel in honour of St. Thomas.

Kefraya Castle: one of the wineries in the area whose way of growing the vine most attracts attention, both from visitors and locals. The vineyards are planted on steep terraces.

The different wines of the Bekaa Valley have different aromas and flavours, but all have one thing in common: their excellent quality. They are wines that meet extraordinary quality standards and represent a true experience for the senses.

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