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De Leyerth Brouwerijen (Beer)

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Urthel Hop-It

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The Urthel Hop-it is a young beer, born of the journey of a Belgian brewer in the country of India Pal Ale and other highly hopped beers, namely the USA. Returned from his pilgrimage, the brewer, seduced by what she tasted, decided to produce a beer that is in itself a tribute to hops. However, it wished to retain a Belgian identity for this drink yet highly inspired by American brewing techniques. She has created a beer resuming US hopping techniques but using a basic three Europes noble hops, malt and a (Pils) came Europes East. The Urthel Hop-it therefore has a range of unique flavors and very special. Dressed in a pale dress and blond covered with a white foam middle layer, the Urthel Hop-it liberates hoppy and herbal aromas accompanied by light floral spikes. Malt is slightly noticeable in the nose. In the mouth, hops powerfully asserts its presence. The flavors on the palate are developed strong and flowery with a strong and very persistent bitterness over time. Notes of citrus and fruit are also present and accompany caramelized malts keys that can sweeten slightly and balance all the drink. In conclusion, a rare beer in the line of triple-hopping beer which is a must, must try to palace insiders and fans bitter.

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