Rochefort 8

330ml Volume

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The world of Belgian beers is vast and delicious. With so many gems waiting to be discovered, there are certain beers that you simply cannot let pass you by. Without any doubt, one of those beers that must be tried is Rochefort 8. Also known as "Green Cap" to differentiate it from its Rochefort siblings, this deep brown beer has been voted one of the best beers in the world on various occasions.

A rich ale with a full body to back up the depth of flavours it contains, Rochefort 8 is a spicy, chocolatey, bittersweet product that any beer lover ought to enjoy. This beer is brewed at the Abbaye Note-Dame de Saint-Remy by Trappist monks. The number 8 in its name is in reference to its gravity in traditional Belgian degrees. What began as a special release in the 1950s, quickly grew in popularity, causing the monks to thankfully decide to make this special beer on a regular basis.

Assertive and fruity, this chocolate-coloured beer weighs in at a hefty 9.2% alcohol by volume. The alcohol content is beautifully balanced by the flavour profile, though, so it never overpowers the palate. This is a beer made for savouring with excellent company and any flavourful food that can hold its own against a beer this good.

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Technical sheet

Producer: L'Abbaye de Rochefort
Volume: 33cl
Alcohol Vol.: 9%
Fermentation: Cool Fermenting
Type Of Beer: Trappist
Country: Belgium

Description of Rochefort 8

Rochefort 8


  • View: chocolate brown color. And lasting lather.
  • Nose: The aroma is sweet, very fruity, with many notes of malt.
  • Palate: Fruity and dry at the end

Alcohol: 9% Vol

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The Brand

L'Abbaye de Rochefort

L'Abbaye de Rochefort

Rochefort is located in the Province of Namur. This small town is home to the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy.

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Rochefort 8 Is the Rochefort beer with the longest history. A strong dark beer with an incredible flavor and strength! Every lover of Trappist beer and specialty beer would agree geproe
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Rochefort 8

4 /5

Rochefort 8 is Rochefort Beer with the longest history. A strong dark beer with incredible flavor and strength! Every lover of Trappist beer and specialty beer would agree geproe
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4.5 /5

Lovely, I really like Trappist abbey beers. You do not need to accompany her to taste it alone, delightful.
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4 /5

Rochefort 8 has been my second experience with the Trappist beers Chimay after, and nothing to do . . .
Color is very dark, almost black. The taste is dense, deep, with a creamy texture, with flavors of roasted peanuts and baking bread, and the bitterness of the hops always present.
To understand, I paeció a mix between Guinness and Chimay. Very good.
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