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La Cagole (Beer)

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La Cagole Blanche

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New to the range of Marseille, the white Cagole is a white beer brewed on barley malt and wheat. It's a summer beer par excellence that refresh the hardier of yetis! This dress has a white Cagole disorder blond pulling off white which covers a beautiful white and creamy foam hat. Everything is crossed by low effervescence. Very lemony aromas séchappent glass to the nose, accompanied by aromas of citrus, marmalade and orange zest. In the mouth, we discover a very light product with a strong flavor of citrus, especially lemon and a spicy touch. The bitterness is almost non-existent and this white Cagole almost evokes a cool Desperados. To drink very cold, for an afternoon in hot melt Canebière.

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