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Bosteels Brewery (Beer)

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Belgium Bosteels Brewery Lager sweet malt flavors with hints of caramel and hops and bitterness balanced, and e.
Capacity: 33 cl
Origin: Belgium
Bosteels Brewery is located in the village Buggenhout, Belgium has always been the brewery is located in the former home of the Bosteels family. Is a majestic building is situated around a courtyard. Today this building became listed building and was built from plans by architect Minaaert. For more than 200 years and seven generations ago, the brewery is owned by the Bosteels family. It was during the dynasty of Antoine Bosteels, from 1931 to 1981, the brewery is known, with Bosteels Pils through this Bosteels brewery beer sold for the first time outside the Dendermonde area. Today Bosteels brewery beers are sold worldwide. The Kwak is a Belgian beer coppery amber color, has a rich and persistent white foam. The nose offers aromas of roasted malt, hops and caramel. The sweetness in the mouth of exuding Kwak flavors and notes of caramel malt and hops. A total balance beautiful bitterness of this beer amber.

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