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Bosteels Brewery (Beer)

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With its glass design so special with his wooden stand, the Kwak has had time to get noticed since 1791, when it was founded by the brewer Pauwel Kwak! Indeed, this beer is served in a special glass Kwak says Auriga, which stands on the table with the help of a wooden support! This feature, combined with remarkable taste qualities of this beer, was instrumental in boosting the popularity of beer Kwak! The Kwak Belgian beer in / coppery amber color topped with a large collar of white foam. The aroma is sweet with hints of caramel, yeast, hints of fruit and spice. Its flavor is sweet with fruity notes of plum and walnut associated with spikes caramel malts. This makes it a very soft and smooth beer, without being too sweet. This round ensemble is completed by a beautiful climb bitterness throughout the tasting, just balance it out.

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