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Gulden Draak is a Belgian beer that was first released in 1986. The unique white bottle features a gold dragon flying elegantly over the name of the beer. This serves to illustrate the meaning of the name since the Dutch "gulden draak" translates to "golden dragon" in English. The dragon on the label is, in fact, a copy of the gilded dragon statue which sits on top of the Belfry in Ghent, which also served as inspiration for the beer itself.

After its release, this fine dark beer quickly became a classic in the beer world. A triple ale, this beer undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle using centuries-old wine yeast that was brought to Belgium by Jozef Van Steenberge from the Bordeaux region back in 1895. This secondary fermentation in the bottle means that this beer has an extraordinary shelf life of several years during which the flavour will continue to evolve.

A wonderfully dark beer with a caramel-coloured head, Gulden Draak has a great 10.5% alcohol by volume. But you can be sure that the flavour of this beer masks that high alcohol content within its mixture of toffee, coffee, malt, and chocolate notes. The final beverage is a classic triple ale with high fermentation offering even higher pleasure.

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Technical sheet

Producer: Brouwerij Van Steenberge
Volume: 33cl
Alcohol Vol.: 10%
Fermentation: Cool Fermenting
Type Of Beer: Bitter
Country: Belgium

Elaboration of Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak


  • Appearance: This beer has a light amber-brown colouring. When poured into a glass, a light amber-red foamy head forms. Small bubbles can also be seen throughout the drink.
  • Aroma: Bread-like yeast scents make up the primary scent. Fruity scents, including grapes, apples, and plums lurk in the background. Caramel scents add a bit of sugariness.
  • Body/ Flavour: The flavour of this drink is similar to the aroma. Yeast flavours are the most prominent. This flavour is followed by flavours of sweet caramel, plums, and other spices. This drink tastes best when chilled and served in a glass.

BREWERY: Brouwerij Can Steenberge, also known as the Van Steenberge Brewery, was founded in 1784. Each of the brewery's beers is made with malt and hops. When making any of their varieties of beer, the drinks are fermented in cylindroconical tanks. One thing that makes this brewery unique is that they double ferment each of their beers. Next, the beer is allowed to lager, filter, and then bottled. The Gulden Draak beer was first introduced in 1986 by Jozef Van Steenberge.

COUNTRY: Belgium

FERMENTATION TYPE: This is first fermented with traditionally Belgium yeast. It is fermented for a second time with yeast extracted from Bordeaux wine. This may influence the drink's fruity flavour.

BEER TYPE: Strong dark ale

ABV: 10.5%

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Perfect, just what I wanted, imported beer at a good price!
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Gulden Draak

4 /5

Gulden Draak is a beer of exceptional quality in 2013 it won a gold medal at the World Beer Challenge with a score of 98 out of 100 so why not this beautiful barley wine once t
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4 /5

TASTING NOTES:Appearance: Dark, dense, strong and creamy foam.Aroma: It has a wild range of flavors, which dominate the roasting of the malt.Body / Taste: Balanced, deep and wide, where the wort remaining sweetness necessary to obtain the high alcohol. FERMENTATION TYPE: High.ABV: 10.5% Vol
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3 /5

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Gulden Draak is amazing

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