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The Eku 28 (£34.45) is a/an ale made by Kulmbacher from Germany produced with warm fermenting and shows an alcoholic content of 11%. At Drinks&Co, this beer scores an average rate of 4,3 of 5 points.
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A characteristic of Eku 28 beer is fundamentally the high part of original wort. This also leads to a higher alcohol content, since during the fermentation process the yeast converts the dissolved sugar in the wort to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Therefore, due to the high content of must, the alcohol content is also much higher

Technical sheet · Eku 28

Producer: Kulmbacher
Volume: 33cl
Pairing: MeatStartersPâté or foie grasRed meatGamePork
Alcohol Vol.: 11%
Fermentation: Warm Fermenting
Type Of Beer: Ale
Country: Germany
Consumption Temp.: 14-16ºC

Description · Kulmbacher

Eku 28


  • Color: Eku 28 is Color : Tan . Foam slight and disappears immediately
  • Mouth: Palate: Very intense characterized by the large amount of sugar ( licorice , candy

) .

PRODUCER : Brasserie Kulmbacher



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Highlighted review about Eku 28

Posted on at 09.39


Eku 28

Dark amber view, has a fine white foam
Nose The scent of beer is Eku 28 intense roasted malt
Boca strong malty flavor
Bodied, strong and forceful
It also features notes of sweet candy
It can be used as a base for drinks and cocktails.

More reviews about Eku 28

Posted on at 08.43

5 /5

Eku 28 é uma imersão em pura delícia

The bouquet is heady, intense flavor, creates a voluptuous disposition, drink slowly, savoring every drop, as is an excellent cognac it were, for example. It is pure pleasure. The flavor combines very well with a fine chocolate truffle, Gubor is a great choice. It's the beer that I prefer for over thirty years and know a great variety. I recommend it highly!

Posted on at 13.01

4.5 /5

All very well and fast, but the downside was not warned me when I came and left the neighbor.

Posted on at 17.35

4 /5

EKU 28 0. 33L. Sale prohibited to minors. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation.

Posted on at 17.04

4 /5

Germany Kulmbacher Brewery beer with a German amber & eacute e color with maroon reflections and overcame & eacute e a discrete foam.
Capacity: 33cl
Degree: 11 °
Origin: Germany
The beer is Eku 28 from Germany. It is brewed at high temperature by the Kulmbacher brewery, relatively recent German brewery founded in 1846 in Kulmbach region. It should be noted that Germany has provided a legislative framework for the production of beer. The "Reinheitsgebot" passed in 1516 in Bavaria is still in force today. To ensure the beer purity law that prohibits the use of ingredients other than barley, hops and water. deemed protectionist by the European Union German beers only contain malt, hops, yeast and water. Eku 28 The beer has an amber color with maroon reflections and is topped by a discrete foam. The nose is dominated by black fruit aromas. Strong on the palate, the beer Eku 28 reveals on the palate sweet flavors along with some tips of blackberry and cassis.

Posted on at 05.12

4 /5

Cerveza Eku 28

The EKU 28 is full-bodied, intense roasted malt aroma and strong and powerful taste. This is a beer to savor slowly, only to who knows the brewery industry is considered and for palates that enjoy the thrills.

Posted on at 12.35

4 /5

Style: Special (Doppelbock). Taste: Very intense characterized by the large amount of sugar (licorice, candy). Color: Tan. Foam slight and disappears quickly

Posted on at 16.02

4 /5

The EKU Kulminator is a native of Bavaria and brewed by Brasserie kla Kulmbacher Braurei in the German city of Kulmbach strong beer. Long considered a cradle of beer and renowned throughout lAllemagne why this small town in Bavaria is known as the "beer capital"! Indeed, it had before the decline of its beer business, a large community of brewers. They were forced, following multiple closures and takeovers brewery, get together in a single group of brewery. This gave birth to the Kulmbacher Brauerei which includes five beer houses that survived the vicissitudes of the local market. EKU brewery was one of those survivors and if its range is restricted, it brews and still sells today with the same passion and the same expertise Bavarian! The name "EKU" is also rooted in the initials of its original "Erste Kulmbacher Actienbrauerei" brewery. EKU Kulminator The beer is a particular dose that requires malt much larger than the average degrees to achieve its alcohol 11 °! Indeed, this dose of malt is essential to provide the essential yeast to create alcohol sugars. EKU Kulminator this is a beer to the beautiful glowing dress that is covered with a thin layer of beige foam. It offers the nose aromas of malt and alcohol scent evoking caramel, fruit liqueurs. Spikes spicy yeast are also present. In the mouth, there is a sweet drink malt flavors. While alcohol warms the throat, flavors of caramel and fruity liqueurs appear on the palace. The bitterness of this EKU Kulminator is low and slow in coming. Alcohol does not assert itself so too this and only the warming it causes the betrayed in this beer that title still at 11 °!

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