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Deus Brut Des Flandres 75cl


£14.52 (Approximate price)

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Deus Brut Des Flandres 75cl - may be the world's most famous 'Champagne-beer'. It's a drink that finds lots of recognition, especially in the gastronomic world due to its long process of maturing and ageing. A revolution for your taste buds which offers you the secret of Belgium's century-old art of brewing with the following refinement taking place in France. Don't forget to serve this beer in ice buckets at your next party and hand it out to your guests in Champagne glasses.

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Technical sheet

Producer: Bosteels Brewery
Volume: 75cl
Alcohol Vol.: 11,5%
Type Of Beer: Special
Country: Belgium

Elaboration of Deus Brut Des Flandres 75cl

Deus Brut Des Flandres 75cl


  • Appearance: Deus Brut Des Flandres 75cl is pale straw gold in colour.
  • Aroma: Mouthwatering notes of cake spices, citrus, malt, mint, orchard fruits, and thyme accompany an overall subtle flowery quality.
  • Body/Flavour: Medium-bodied, complex, delicate, and effervescent, with tiny and lively bubbles. The sweetness of grapes and flowers, pleasing bitterness of herbs, and tartness of fresh apples glide smoothly on the palate, into a dry and tingling finish.

BREWERY: Bosteels Brewery (Brouwerij Bosteels) was family-founded in Buggenhout, Belgium in 1791, and remains there today. The seventh generation passed ownership to ABinBev in 2016.

COUNTRY: Belgium.

FERMENTATION TYPE: Champagne. Deus Brut Des Flandres 75cl begins its life through traditional beer-making processes in Belgium, involving fermented barley. It is then transported across the border to the Champagne region of France, where it benefits from a second fermentation, employing a similar process to that for Champagne itself. After bottling, Deus Brut Des Flandres 75cl is cellar-aged for 9 months at 12°C, during which the bottles are rotated and tilted in the Champagne-style, prior to final filtering and corkage. To enjoy it at its best, Deus Brut Des Flandres 75cl should be served at 0-4°C.

BEER TYPE: Blonde.

ABV: 11.5%

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The Brand

Bosteels Brewery

Bosteels Brewery

Located Buggenhout Belgium, Bosteels Brewery was founded in 1791 by Evarist Bosteels. This is a family business that has existed for over 200 years and seven generations.

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Deus Brut des Flandres is een uniek bier in smaak en uiterlijk het bier wordt geleverd in een champagnefles en is in smaak een combinatie van bier en champagne. Het bier wordt in België gebrouwen en
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Deus Brut Des Flandres 75cl

4 /5

- Refreshing as an aperitif, and just as full of flavour and rich in aroma as a beer from heaven. That's Deus.
- A magnificent symbiosis of brewing a beer and creating a sparkling wine. Ideal for delighting your guests sometime as an unusual choice with before-dinner nibbles and amuse-geules. Perfect if you have something to celebrate.
- Truly the sparkling divine drink based on barley. The result of a months-long manufacturing process in which the best of two methods is combined. In Belgium the master brewer ferments the beer. After that the DeuS to be travels to France where it is transformed into a sparkling divine drink using a centuries old technique.
- The elegant contours of the bottle are advance proof of the delightful subtlety of Deus. In a flute glass you will discover a light blonde to pale golden beer, brightly scintillating, saturated and with extremely tiny bubbles.
- Deus is crowned by a fine linen white, meringue-like head. A fascinating complexity. It develops the fragrance of fresh apples backed by mint, thyme, citrus, ginger, malt, pears, hops, allspice and cloves. Deus is delicate and complex.
- It glides over the tongue as smoothly as silk and then blossoms into a creamy, tingling sparkle. Deus is light and vivacious and seduces you with the sweetness of a grape and the fruitiness of a desert apple.
- The finish is beautifully dry with a bare hint of tannin.
- "It's stunning - I've never had anything like it." Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster and International Beer Expert
- "Other great beers might approach but not quite match the delicacy of Deus." Michael Jackson, Reknowned Beer Author
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4 /5

Deus Brut des Flandres is een uniek bier in smaak en uiterlijk het bier wordt geleverd in een champagnefles en is in smaak een combinatie van bier en champagne. Het bier wordt in België gebrouwen en
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