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The Orkney Brewery (Beer)

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Dark Island Reserve 75cl

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The basic idea on Dark Island Reserve was to offer a premium beer, unique and rare. So the Dark Island, one of the most famous beers from the brewery that Orkney was aged three months cask Scotch whiskey. But not just any the Dalmore. This barrel aging comes an incredible aromatic complexity! Thus, we present this Barley Wine in the glass a dark brown robe dominated by a very thin brown foam. The nose is dominated by aromas of both vanilla, blackberries, figs and plums. Roasted malt is also noticeable. In the mouth, we find both whiskey keys and candied fruit and a fine acidity. A beautifully complex beer! The Dark Island Reserve is therefore part of the great family of Barley Wine aged in barrels. Those who doubt this can certainly taste the Dark Island to gauge the difference!

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